Designers are not screwdrivers​.

Often I see designers bending backward for clients, doing whatever it takes to make them happy. They stay up all night and revise the design two hundred times. Frankly, I don’t think that is good design practice. Maybe that’s why there are so many bad designs around us.

Designers are not screwdrivers. They are not simply a tool to be used for any idea the client conjures up. As a designer, you need to be good at what you do. That goes for any profession. That makes you a professional. You know what is good design and what is bad design. It’s not about a gut feeling. There is a science behind it. There is a rationale behind any design. The designer needs to be able to politely explain that to the client. They need to be confident. I’m not saying you have to be egotistical. There is a difference between ego and confidence. The designer needs to inform and educate the clients. It is up to the designer to communicate with the client to come up with the right solution to the client’s problem, and not what the designer thinks the solution is to the problem that the designer thinks the client has. The former takes empathy, transparency, punctuality, and communication. The latter is simply ego driven. Designers need to be competent, do the research, be strategic, communicates often, be respectful, be confident, and be open to feedback.

Imagine going to the doctor and telling them what they need to do to heal you or what they need to prescribe you. Imagine going to the police and telling them to arrest people that you think are criminals. That’s just not realistic. Designers are professionals just like other professionals. The client needs to trust the designer. But designers need to cultivate that trust.



Published by

Aidin Gargari

Aidin specializes in identity design and branding, illustration, and environmental graphics. He has over 10 years of experience in illustration, 6 years in graphic design, and led the environmental graphic design of a local architecture firm for 3 years, coordinating with clients, architects, interior designers, production staff, and installation crews. Aidin's skills are best matched with emerging businesses who are looking to create an identity as well as established businesses seeking to refresh or broaden their client base. His illustrations concentrate on intricate patterns, vibrancy of colors, and political and cultural issues. Aidin Gargari is a graphic designer and artist from Montreal who currently lives in Fort Thomas Kentucky. He is a graduate of D.A.A.P. at the University of Cincinnati. His work is influenced by his multicultural and diverse upbringing. Aidin is fluent in English, French, and Farsi. He enjoys cycling, making art, reading, social media, and gaming.

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